A Healthy Alternative to Metal Fillings

At Smiles Northwest, providing expert dentistry means that we strive to advance your health as well as promote beautiful smiles. One service we provide that accomplishes both of these objectives is tooth-colored or composite resin fillings.

Though mercury silver fillings were the material of choice during most of the past century, we now have a healthier, more conservative option that is also much more aesthetically pleasing! Each cosmetic dentist of Beaverton OR’s Smiles Northwest chooses tooth-colored fillings because of their benefits for our valued clients! Some of the reasons we recommend composite fillings rather than silver include:

  • They look better, plain and simple!
  • Composite fillings allow us to perform a more conservative preparation, removing less healthy tooth structure.
  • Held in place using advanced bonding methods, the margins of your tooth-colored fillings are sealed, preventing entry for decay-causing bacteria.
  • Unlike outdated silver fillings, composite does not expand and contract with temperature changes, eventually causing fracture. This makes them healthier for your teeth!

Each cosmetic dentist at Beaverton, OR dental practice, Smiles Northwest aims to provide the healthiest options in restorative dentistry. This is why we’ve opted to provide superior tooth-colored fillings for patients with areas of dental decay.

For more information on how cosmetic dentistry in Beaverton, OR can advance your health and well-being, contact Smiles Northwest today! We look forward to hearing from you.

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