A Perfect Day in Portland Oregon

Portland Cosmetic Dentist We LOVE where we live! Beaverton OR is a beautiful city, with so much to see and do! We are also very fortunate that we live just a few minutes from another gem, Portland, OR! Your Portland dentist thought he and his team should put together what they consider a perfect day in this beautiful area.

Start Early – Breakfast of Champions!

Begin your perfect day in Portland with a fabulous breakfast at City State Diner and Bakery. Known for it’s amazing house made biscuits, delicious coffee (and cocktails!) as well as a full breakfast and lunch menu, this is the perfect place to fuel up for your fun day! If you don’t believe us, check out their reviews on Facebook and Yelp.  I feel some incredible Eggs Benedict or sausage gravy and biscuits calling my name!

Now that you are full and happy, here are a few of our suggestions for your day:

Portland Farmer’s Markets – So much more than just fruit and veggies! Local crafts, dining events, live music and shows, the Farmer’s Markets are truly the heart of this beautiful city. No trip to Portland is complete without a visit! Check out the main site for events and hours: Portland Farmer’s Market

Amazing Portland Vintage Shop and Music Scene: There are a large number of vintage shops in this beautiful city. Whether your interests are clothes, music, furniture or just exploring, do your homework because we can guarantee there is something here for you! A couple great places to start are the Flea for All Market and the Portland Music Company. Perfect for window shopping, finding that amazing special gift, or just the right piece to round out a personal collection, they have you covered!

Ready For Lunch?

While there are a large number of wonderful lunch places, from quaint to fancy, we cannot in good conscience recommend that you go to Portland without experiencing the amazing street vendors. With over 500 (yes you read that right!) food carts available at any given time, the city of Portland has been good enough to break them down by category and create a map. Our personal suggestion: Don’t stop at just one! Find several and sample some of the best food you will ever eat! Check out the map here: Portland Food Cart Map. Take your delicious choices down to the waterfront and enjoy the beautiful views!

Now that you are once again fueled, we have a few final suggestions.

Visit the Portland Zoo! A wonderful array of beautiful animals, and miles of walking through gorgeous landscaping. Great way to work off all that street vendor food! Check out their site for more info: Portland Zoo

At this point, if you still have energy for more exploring, we just can’t keep up with you! In our mind it is time to call it a day and enjoy a cocktail and some appetizers (seriously, we can’t eat a full dinner after all that amazing food earlier!) at one of the local corner bars. Whether you are in the mood for burgers and beer, or martini’s and lobster, Portland has you covered. Check out this article for an amazing collection of Portland’s best happy hours: Downtown Portland’s 10 Best Happy Hour Guide

Well there you have it. Whether you are heading home, or crashing in one of the many local hotels or B&B’s, we hope you have enjoyed your day in the beautiful city of Portland. Please be sure and share in the comments below or on our Facebook page your personal Portland favorites so we can check them out!

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