Dental Implants – A Great Option!

Dental implants
How comfortable would you feel submitting to an exciting, beneficial procedure that boasts a 95% to 98% success rate and is able to last your lifetime? If you’re among the millions of Americans who’ve suffered tooth loss, dental implants is a treatment option you don’t want to ignore!

We are happy to offer dental implants to Portland Residents and the surrounding area. See why you should consider this option.

“Cliff’s Notes” on Dental Implants

For years, the only treatment options for people with missing teeth were bridges and dentures—a plausible solution but with serious limitations.

But now you can cheer out loud for a new spotlight stealer that’s really filled the void like no other: dental implants. The design of an implant allows for a titanium post to act as a dental root between your jaw (where bone anchors it in place) and a surface restoration. With such a solid foundation you can lock into place a beautiful “replacement tooth” or even a partial denture. The advantages are many:

What Dental Implants Do for You

  • Improve Appearance. These implants look and feel like natural teeth and since they’re designed to fuse with bone, they are yours for life.
  • Uninhibited Speech. Mumbling and slurred speech is sometimes a by-product of ill-fitting dentures. Skip that embarrassment with secured dental implants.
  • Comfort! Assimilated into the natural infrastructure of your body, implants are unlike removable dentures that need constant adjustments or adhesives and cause inconvenience.
  • Eat Easily. Since they function just like regular teeth, dental implants mean you can eat your favorite foods without the juggling act.
  • Boost Confidence! Improve your self-esteem by looking your best with restorations that offer movie-star smiles.
  • A Healthy Mouth. A bridge procedure requires chiseling adjacent teeth that will serve as supports. Dental implants don’t necessitate any such tampering, plus allow easy inter-dental access for brushing and flossing.
  • Endurance. Due to their durability, properly cared for implants can truly last a lifetime!

An Individualized Plan

Call Smiles Northwest today to learn if dental implants by our trusted dental office near Portland are right for you. Upon qualifying, our specially trained team will coordinate an individualized treatment plan suited just for you. Isn’t it time you put your best smile forward?

Your thoughts—Do you think people who are confident about their smiles are generally happier than others?

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  1. Avatar for Smiles Northwest Steele Honda says:

    I like that you said that one of the advantages of dental implants is that they can help improve your self-esteem because you’ll be looking your best. I have had to get some of my teeth pulled, and I am considering dental implants. I think it would really help my self-confidence because right now I don’t like the way my smile looks so I try not to smile very much. Dental implants seem like a good way to remedy that problem.

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