Get to know your Beaverton Dentists at Smiles Northwest for National Dentist Day!

Since March 6th is National Dentist Day, we thought we’d ask How well do you really know your Doctors at Smiles Northwest?  So here’s to getting to know your Dentists a little better:

On Dr. Montrose-

Question: How long have you been an dentist?
Dr. Alan Montrose: I have been a dentist in Portland for 31 years. I love having a family dental practice where numerous generations of the same family continue to come to our practice.

Question: What do you love about being a dentist?
Dr. Alan Montrose: I love preventing dental problems and educating others how to do that.  I Also enjoy getting patients out of pain and performing difficult diagnoses.

Question: When you’re not creating and maintaining beautiful smiles, what do you like to do in Portland?
Dr. Alan Montrose: Outside of the office I enjoy playing tennis, golf, skiing, and bicycling with my family. I also enjoy studying advanced dental procedures.

Question: Have you done much charity work in the Portland area?
Dr. Alan Montrose: I have been involved with numerous charities over the years, but I enjoy helping women who have been victims of domestic violence. I restore their smiles and it’s a great feeling to see how that empowers people to feel more confident in their daily lives.


On Dr. Dotson-

Question: How long have you been practicing dentistry in Portland?
Dr. Jodi Dotson: I have a dentist for 14 years!

Question: What do you love about being a dentist?
Dr. Jodi Dotson: There’s something great about this field. You get to spend time getting to know people and their families while improving their oral and systemic health. You can’t beat it!

Question: What is your favorite thing about living in the Portland area?
Dr. Jodi Dotson: Living in Sherwood is wonderful.  I especially love the Northwest and spending time outside in the summers.

Question: How do you spend your days when your not in the office?
Dr. Jodi Dotson: When I’m not working (which I love), I volunteer at my kiddo’s school, and spend lots of time with family and friends enjoying the outdoors. I even like to run!

Question: What is something your Portland patients may not know about you?
Dr. Jodi Dotson: I love animals! And people may not know that I grew up in Texas.

Question: What types of charities have you been involved in?
Dr. Jodi Dotson: I’ve done lots of charity work in Portland including Children’s volunteer dentistry as well as donating to children’s cancer treatment.


On Dr. Jeremy-

Question: How long have you been a Dentist in Portland?
Dr. Jeremy Montrose: Coming up on 5 years in August and I’m really enjoying it.

Question: What do you love about being a dentist?
Dr. Jeremy Montrose: The ability to fix peoples problems and come up with solutions to any situation that presents itself, improve peoples appearance and health, and being able to focus on providing the best and most up to date treatment and technology available in the industry.

Question: When you’re not practicing dentistry, how do you like to spend your time?
Dr. Jeremy Montrose:  I like hiking, skiing(when there is snow), golfing, wakeboarding, playing tennis, traveling whenever possible, or any other activity I can find.

Question: What is something your patients or team members may not know about you?
Dr. Jeremy Montrose:  I am a perfectionist when it comes to teeth.  I also love almost any kind of potato chip or spicy food!

Question: Have you done any dental volunteer work in Portland or elsewhere?
Dr. Jeremy Montrose: I have provided volunteer dental services in the Philippines and Vietnam as well as volunteered with mission of mercy here in Portland. 1


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