Is Fluoride in Drinking Water Safe?

As your dentist for the Portland area, Dr. Montrose and the rest of us at Smiles Northwest believe that there is nothing more important than keeping your smile healthy. The question of the safety of fluoride being added to drinking water has been somewhat of a controversy for some time now. Fluoride is an important ingredient to fighting cavities and tooth decay and benefits the health of teeth in numerous ways. For ages, fluoride has been added to toothpaste, mouthwashes, and of course your regular oral hygiene visits to the dental office. So, what’s the verdict? Is having fluoride in drinking water safe or not?

Many communities have had fluoride added to their drinking water for decades. Fluoride is needed throughout a person’s life in order to prevent tooth decay. Over 100 studies have been done, which show that fluoridated water is the single most effective way to aid the prevention of tooth decay at a public level. In the end, fluoride in water benefits us by preventing cavities. Keeping fluoride in the drinking water is a helpful tool for American communities, and has been recommended by the American Dental Association.

You’re only born with one set of adult teeth, and it’s important that they last you as long as possible – hopefully a lifetime! If you have additional questions about the benefits of fluoride, speak with your dentist in Portland. To schedule your oral hygiene exam, contact Smiles Northwest today!

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