Portland Dental Case of the Month January- Cosmetic Dentistry

January’s Dental Case of the Month focuses on Cosmetic Dentistry in Portland.  Danielle came to Smiles Northwest needing some past cosmetic procedures redone.  After her work was complete, she offered to share her experience with you!

Question:  How did you hear about Dr. Alan Montrose/ Smiles Northwest?

Danielle:   I was referred to Dr. Montrose by my uncle, Dr. Jonathan Scharf, a DMD all the way in Pennsylvania and a past president of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD).  I needed new permanent porcelain crowns on my two front teeth and my Uncle John, who obviously would recommend only the highest quality care for his niece, said Dr. Montrose was the guy to go to in the Portland area.

Question:  What was your initial reaction to the office?

Danielle:   When I first got to Smiles Northwest, I was immediately impressed by their professionalism and extremely high standards of care.  I am grateful for Dr. Montrose’s friendly, honest and genuinely caring nature.  Everyone smiled and the office itself was very nice and comfortable to be in.

Question:  What was your primary interest when coming to the office?

Danielle:  I wanted permanent crowns that would last into my adulthood. I had previously gotten “permanent” crowns five years ago that started cracking, and I figured that it was time to seriously focus on the long-term health of my teeth.  I came to learn that Dr. Montrose was highly recommended not only by my uncle, but by countless other patients of his, and after receiving my new crowns this year, I know why!  Dr. Montrose briefed me on the latest technology, materials, and procedures for permanent crowns and helped me decide what would be right for me in the long term.

Question:  How did the dental work you received impact you and your life?

Danielle:  I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders now that I have a beautiful smile.  There is no more hassle or worry about future consequences of crappy dental procedures.  I know I have, and will continue to be taken care of by Dr. Montrose.

Dr. Montrose did such a beautiful job in creating my crowns and making sure the gums around them were healthy.  He put a lot of time and effort into making them fit from the right size and texture, to the right shade and shine, which I am very appreciative.  Both I, and my Uncle John are very happy with the results, and I have gotten many compliments on their cosmetic appeal.

Danielle, an actual patient of Dr. Montrose in Beaverton before dental treatment



Danielle, an actual patient of Dr. Montrose in Beaverton after dental treatment


Question:  How did your experience with Dr. Montrose differ from past dentists you’ve been to?

Danielle:  Let’s start at the beginning; I broke my two front permanent teeth when I was about 8 years old.  The dentist I had in my childhood could not cover up the grayness of the dead tooth matter behind the caps he put on, which were big and bulky and not pleasing to the eye.  In high school, these initial caps crumbled right out of my mouth while I was playing a lacrosse game.  After that, they continued to be glued (in pieces) back together and fall apart again until my family and I decided it was time for new permanent crowns.  I went to my family dentist who botched the root canal, hence leaving 2 other dentists to clean up the soft tissue damage he caused.  Eventually, after much time and patience running thin, I got permanent crowns, which only lasted for the next five years.  Hence, my record with dentists was tainted and I had developed pretty negative associations with dental offices.  When the referrals, research and reviews pointed me to Dr. Montrose it was obvious what great dentistry is.  He erased all my concerns and his work speaks for itself!

Question:  Would you recommend Smiles Northwest/ Dr. Montrose?

Danielle:  I would definitely recommend Dr. Montrose to anyone needing cosmetic or surgical dental procedures.  He is an expert in his field and his confidence helped me feel at ease and confident that I went to the right place.

We thank Danielle for sharing her experience.  If you are in the Portland Metro or Willamette Valley areas and are interested in exploring how cosmetic dentistry can benefit you, don’t hesitate to give us a call for your complimentary consultation.  Contact us at: 503-644-7763 















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