Sedation Dentistry Eliminates Dental Anxiety- Portland Dental Case of the Month- December

Our December’s Case of the Month comes from a patient who found a real home and comfort at our office.  She shares her experience with using dental sedation.

“I felt completely comfortable during and afterwards. I have no recollection of the treatment procedures which means no re-living the moment as I had done with previous dentists.  This made for a wonderful experience!” –Tammie C., patient at Smiles Northwest 

Having had terrifying experiences with past dental visits, Tammie found herself like over 75% of people today, afraid of the dentist.

When Tammie first came to us at Smiles Northwest, she was fearful of the treatment she knew she needed because she had always had such uncomfortable experiences with previous dentists.  “Not only were the dentists I saw in the past unwilling to listen to me, they were not compassionate, and showed no real empathy to my feelings and anxiety about being at the dentist.  I received inadequate anesthesia resulting in the worst pain I have known, and it caused serious trust and fear issues from then on.  That was BEFORE I met Dr. Montrose and his staff who have since changed my opinion all together, and helped me to overcome my dental anxiety,” reported Tammie.

My first appointment was scary, even though I knew they were competent.  I was tearful and scared. It all changed after talking with Dr. Montrose and his assistant. I left with a new hope and trust that I could get through my visits without traumatic memories.”

Tammie is no different than so many others we see come to our dental practice.  Many have had truly uncomfortable past experiences and it has caused them to have dental anxiety today.  We are very aware of people’s anxiety, and work hard to overturn those fears and give our patients the most comfortable, enjoyable visit possible by providing a relaxing environment where you can feel at home.  We also offer soothing treats such as a massage chair, paraffin hand dipping and a coffee, tea and juice bar all complimentary at ones visit.

“From the first visit I was made to feel like a real person and not a chart or “just a patient,” said Tammie.  “The office is inviting, from the first warm smile when you are greeted, to the massage chair while you wait.”

Easing dental anxiety is something we take seriously at Smiles Northwest.  Besides doing our best in making a soothing environment, our doctors and team members are each highly trained in all aspects of dentistry so you can be confident in the work and care you receive.  Our doctors are also trained in Sedation dentistry, which is a wonderful way for people to remain comfortable during any type of appointment.

Tammie chose the method of conscious sedation during her dental appointments.  [Tammie] “The sedation process was explained and discussed before the appointment. I was fully informed, given several options and knew I would be safe while under sedation.  I felt completely comfortable during and afterwards. I have no recollection of the treatment procedures which means no re-living the moment as I had done with previous dentists.  This made for a wonderful experience!”

Tammie’s positive words do not end there.  “Dr. Montrose restored my faith in the dental profession.  I feel that I will be heard, and nothing will be done that is painful or uncomfortable.  My life has changed.  Dr. Montrose and his staff have given me a new smile and a new confidence. It is difficult to put in words how much of a difference that has made in my life, but here’s a try:

I do not cover my mouth when I speak or laugh, I am more willing to participate in conversations, go out, socialize, and even laugh when things are funny.  I smile everyday, I speak with confidence and have even began having a social life again.  I can open up and let people see the real me now, without avoiding things that make me smile. I will be smiling everyday!”

[Tammie continues] “The biggest difference between Smiles Northwest and other offices I’d been to in the past is that I always feel comfortable in the hands of Smiles NW.  I absolutely recommend Smiles NW to my own family and speak highly of the unique and life-changing experiences I have had since seeing Dr. Montrose.”

We thank Tammie for opening up and sharing how our dentistry, and the wonderful sedation process has helped her overcome her anxiety and positively affected her life.

If Tammie’s story resembles your anxiety for the dentist, please feel free to give us a call.  We can help and make your experiences pleasant, enjoyable ones!  Give us a call or stop by  for a visit to see for yourself!  We look forward to seeing you smile 🙂





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