Calling all Beaverton Residents- Go to the Dentist and Lessen your Stress!

Who doesn’t have stress in their life? Let’s face it- a no-stress life would be pretty amazing! And pretty impossible. As National Stress Awareness Month nears it’s end your Beaverton dentist wants to help alleviate your stress just by coming to visit your dentist!

That’s right! Just by visiting Smiles Northwest you can begin to de-stress in a healthy, all-natural way with NuCalm.

NuCalm is an all-natural system proven to relax, restore and rejuvenate you, and we have it right here at the dental office.

Infographic showing the benefits of NuCalm

The system eliminates stress naturally and relaxes your entire body by providing deep relaxation of the brain and body similar to deep meditation or yoga.

It is all-natural and used on over hundreds of thousands of patients throughout the United States with NO reported adverse experiences. It is also used by professional athletes, chemotherapy patients and medical weight loss patients. It is even used to get over jet lag! And now it’s at Smiles Northwest!

We have chosen to invest in this system at our dental practice because we strive to provide every benefit to our patients. Not only does the NuCalm help to make you feel more comfortable and relaxed during your visit, but it provides lasting effects and post operative healing benefits.

After using NuCalm you tend to feel relaxed, your mind to feel more at ease, and you will experience a greater mental acuity and clarity of thought for several hours. You will also sleep better after experiencing NuCalm feeling more rested and experience a deeper sleep for one to two nights. As with other forms of meditation, the benefits may come with time, but each usage provides benefit to the body no matter what!

As Dentists, here is what we’ve seen:  “The patients look completely relaxed. There is little to no movement for an entire appointment which allows us to get through a procedure quicker, which of course our patients love! Our patients who normally are a bit apprehensive at the dentist begin NuCalm before their appointment in our massage chair. When we are ready for them they feel relaxed and at ease- and this continues throughout the appointment as well as they fall back into their meditative state.  I cannot say enough about the benefit we are providing for our patients when they use NuCalm,” say our doctors as Smiles Northwest.

We urge you, Beaverton residents to stop by this Beaverton Dental Office of Smiles Northwest and give NuCalm a shot. It’s available for you to try even without a dental appointment. The worst it can do is relax you!

Call Smiles Northwest for more information or to set up your time to de-stress!



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