Our Distinctive Difference

We give you the highest quality of service, knowledge, and care.

Breaking Down Barriers

We can to help you overcome your anxieties through education and care that achieves your ideal smile.

“I'm scared of visiting the dentist.”

At Smiles Northwest, we strive to make you feel comfortable by getting to know your fears, providing home comforts, and using effective sedation dentistry. Our friendly and patient team will assist you from the word “Go.”

“I want to smile with confidence.”

Our smile experts will skillfully craft a new smile that complements your facial features and matches your personality. We carry out all of our work in-house, so you are in control of your smile.

“I don't think I can afford dentistry.”

We don't want costs to stop you and your family from getting the dental care you need. To help make dentistry a part of your financial planning, we offer various payment methods, financing, and we accept most insurances.


Exquisite Care, Genuine Compassion

Our mission is to provide an impeccable experience every time you visit our office. Here is how we achieve it:

A brain illustrates how our dentists in Beaverton, OR dedicate themselves to continued education and advanced training.

Knowledge Is Power

We dedicate ourselves to continued education and advanced training, so you receive first-class care and have the information you need to make the best decision for your smile.
A group of people shows how our experienced dentists in Beaverton, OR understand that every patient has different needs.

All Things to All People

Our experienced dentists aren't one-trick ponies. They understand patients' needs vary and each person needs an individualized treatment plan that reflects this.
Our team's priority is making sure you are comfortable during your dental visit.

Top-notch Comforts

From the moment you contact Smiles Northwest, you'll be in good hands. Our team’s priority is making sure you are comfortable and have everything you need.
A man in a dental chair shows our commitment to the latest in dental technology.

Technology That Matters

Why should you care about technology? Simple, because it is designed to save you time, relieve your anxiety, limit pain, and give you the most accurate and life-changing results possible.

But, do we deliver on our promises?

‘‘Absolutely the best service I have ever received at a dental office. I found where I'll be receiving my dental care in the future. Thank you!


Credentials That Set Us Apart

Exceptional results start with education. Your dentists in Beaverton, OR, stay on the cusp of the latest dental trends through training from world-class dental organizations.

Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies Logo
LVI Fellowship Member

A dentist trained at the Las Vegas Institute receives advanced training not taught at dental schools. Dr. Montrose is among the very few who can look at a patient’s complete health situation and identify an issue many have overlooked.

AACD Accredited Member

As an accredited dentist, Dr. Montrose has completed countless cosmetic cases to a high standard and has passed a series of exams. This means our patients are privy to the highest level of skill when undergoing cosmetic dentistry.

American Dental Association Logo
ADA Member

All our dentists are committed to continued education through the American Dental Association. As members, we partake in courses and training to bring the latest techniques to our patients for the best possible care.

Fellow International Academy of Physiologic Aesthetics

Dr. Montrose is among an elite band of doctors who have advanced dental training that allows them to identify neuromuscular issues that may have been overlooked. This can be extremely beneficial for patients suffering from headaches, neck or jaw pain and those seeking full-mouth rehabilitation.

IADFE Fellow Badge
Fellow International Academy for Dental Facial Esthetics

This fellowship is awarded to dentists and physicians alike who have reached a skill set identified by their peers that treats aesthetic concerns. Members include cosmetic dentists, plastic surgeons, periodontists, educators, authors, visionaries and creators in the field of facial esthetics.


Keeping You Healthy

Our dentists give that little bit extra to ensure our patients enjoy both premium oral and full-body health. We understand you have specific health needs, so we provide unparalleled solutions.

A man holding his head illustrates how TMJ pain can be treated by our dentists in Beaverton, OR.
TMJ Therapy

Overcome jaw pain and headaches with our innovative treatment.

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A smiling family shows our dentists in Beaverton, OR are committed to family dentistry.
Family Dentistry

Giving your family optimal health and beautiful smiles.

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A woman sleeping illustrates how our dentists in Beaverton, OR treat patient's with Sleep Apnea.
Sleep Apnea

Finally get a good night’s sleep and take your life back.

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A smiling woman illustrates how our dentists in Beaverton, OR are experts in Cosmetic Dentistry.
Cosmetic Dentistry

It's time to treat yourself to a brand new smile that inspires confidence.

What we offer

Turning Possibilities Into Realities

With on-site dental lab, we can create your new smile with premium accuracy in no time at all.

Many dental practices do not possess the knowledge, skills, or experience to have an on-site dental lab. As a result, they send off patient information and images to a third party lab, which can result in delays and inaccurate treatments.

However, our dental experts can provide precise care as they can compare the color, shape, and look of your teeth and face in person. This results in a more satisfying smile and faster results.

Dr. Dotson working with an actual patient at our Beaverton dental practice.

NuCalm® - Improving the Human Experience

Naturally beat dental anxiety in less than four minutes with the latest in sedation technology.

A woman wearing a sleep mask illustrates how we use NuCalm to help patients with dental anxiety.
NuCalm Logo

Did you know 82% of people in U.S. suffer from apprehension when visiting the dentist?

It is only normal to experience some nervousness, but we don’t want this to stand in the way of you having a beautiful, healthy smile. So to assist you in overcoming dental anxiety we are proud to offer NuCalm®.

NuCalm® implements the following 4 steps:

  • Natural drugs - derived from healthy food to relax you
  • Electrotherapy patches - the low pulse helps calm the body
  • Headphones - soothing music to promote sleep
  • Light-blocking glasses - simulate ideal surroundings for sleep

This treatment mimics the ideal environment for relaxation and keeps you calm, so your dentists in Beaverton can perform better, safer, and faster dentistry.


Experience the Difference

We use our full skill-set to revitalize your smile and escalate your confidence.

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