Creating a Foundation for Oral Health

Your neuromuscular dentists in the Portland, Oregon area are able to get to the root cause of pain experienced by our patients due to TMJ/TMD.

TMJ/TMD Symptoms

Millions of people are suffering from temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD/TMJ) and don’t even know it – don’t join that number. Get informed!

A woman holding her head to show that our dentists treat TMJ in their Portland area practice.

Many dentists and doctors have overlooked or misdiagnosed TMJ, but our neuromuscular experts use their special training and modern technology to identify this condition and cure it.

However, the first step is down to you. If you're experiencing any of following symptoms, we encourage you to speak with our dentists in the Portland, Oregon area:

  • Headaches
  • Neck pain
  • Clicking, locking, or popping of the jaw
  • Ringing in the ears (tinnitus)
  • Sore, sensitive teeth
  • Limited jaw movements

Once you are diagnosed, our knowledgeable team can create a treatment plan that will have an untold impact on your life. Now, let’s see the benefits of correcting TMD.


The Benefits Abound

TMJ/TMD can have a vastly negative impact on your life, but proper diagnosis and treatment bring many long-lasting benefits.

TMJ treatment in our Portland area practice can help relieve jaw pain.

Pain Relief

Realigning your jaw and correcting your bite will eliminate pain caused by the jaw muscles and nerves.

TMJ treatment can help bring your smile to it's optimal health.

Optimal Health

Correcting your misaligned jaw can resolve a number of oral and overall health issues, such as headaches and depression.

Our dentists use TMJ treatments in their Portland area practice to renew your smile.

A Renewed Smile

TMJ/TMD can damage your teeth and make them sensitive. Our TMJ professionals can resolve this issue and give you back your smile.


‘‘Smiles Northwest provides the best dental care I've received in my life. And, I've been to a lot of dentists!

Sheryl M.

5 Steps to Defeat TMD

As a LVI Fellow, our dentist has undergone advanced training in neuromuscular dentistry, so has the knowledge, skill, and experience to help you overcome your jaw pain.

1. Diagonsis

Diagnosis and create of your individual treatment plan.

2. Relaxation

Our experienced doctor relaxs the position of the muscles in your face and neck.

3. Positioning

We painlessly place your jaw into its optimal position, relieving the symptoms.

4. Additional Care

At this stage, our team identifies if any other oral restorations or treatments are required.

5. Aftercare

Enjoy our after-care and post-treatment plan.

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