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Your family’s overall health is of foremost importance. Our family dentistry services offer expert knowledge, modern technology and convenience.

Our Family Dentistry Services

Comprehensive Beaverton Family Dentistry Services Under One Roof

Children’s Dentistry
Fun and Professional Care

Your child’s oral health starts at home. Our Beaverton Family Dentistry program has received glowing reviews from parents. When it is time for your child’s first dental visit, we are ready with pediatric dental care options, such as sealants and educate you on how to maintain oral health.

We also offer a children’s playroom. Our Golden Treasure Chest is very popular where a quick dig will uncover a young pirate’s fortune – a toy rewards them for their visit to Smiles Northwest.

A young patient at our Beaverton family dentistry expert's office.
A patient who's smile was restored by our Beaverton family dentistry experts with tooth-colored fillings.
Tooth-Colored Fillings
Natural-Looking, Healthier Alternative

Our team takes your oral and overall health very seriously, which is why we offer tooth-colored fillings to overcome cavities. Boasting aesthetic and health benefits that metal fillings cannot, tooth-colored fillings are more durable, meaning they are less likely to crack from repeated chewing, preventing potentially harmful bacteria from entering your body. Plus, they do not expand like their metal predecessors, which can cause the filled tooth to crack or even break.

By matching the filling color to your tooth, our dentists can provide you with tooth-colored fillings that not only treat your cavity but work to enhance the appearance of your treated tooth.

Dental Implants
Reignite your smile

Got a missing tooth? Dr. Alan Chen places dental implants with skill and an artistic eye for details. No other option restores both beauty and functionality to your smile the way a dental implant will.

Dr. Chen will surgically place a small titanium post into the jawbone, which acts as a stabilizing "root." The implant’s presence stimulates continued bone and tissue growth, something that normally discontinues and causes rapid bone and gum deterioration following the loss of a tooth.

A man smiles to show how dental implants can restore your smile. Our Beaverton family dentistry service include dental implants
A woman wearing the AcceleDent Aura appliance. Our Beaverton family dentistry service can help you get abright smile!
Our Beaverton Family Dentistry Services Can Help You Smile More. Smile Bigger. Smile Faster!

You want to improve the look of your smile but does the thought of spending months, or even years, in braces sound too much of a hassle? With AcceleDent® Aura, you can speed up your tooth movement by 50%! Combining this pain-free, easy appliance with Invisalign®, you'll achieve your straight smile in no time.

AcceleDent Aura is a light, comfortable, and hands-free appliance that is used 20 minutes per day to complement orthodontics. With patented SoftPulse® Technology, AcceleDent® Aura's micropulses allow your teeth to move more quickly. The best part of AcceleDent® Aura is that it's safe as demonstrated in U.S. clinical trials.

TMJ Therapy
Beat Jaw Pain Today!

Our Beaverton family dentistry services are not restricted to oral health. We care about your families overall health too. Many patients suffer from headaches and jaw pain, which could be a sign of temporomandibular joint dysfunction.

Our neuromuscular dental expert relaxes the position of the muscles in your face and neck. Aside from relieving your pain, this advanced neuromuscular technique greatly increases the longevity of restorations and natural dentition.

With advanced education, proven experience, and a developed understanding of the complex relationship between the muscles and nerves, our dentist has successfully treated countless TMJ sufferers like you.

A woman holding her jaw to illustrate how TMJ pain can be treated with our Beaverton family dentistry services.
A man relaxing illustrates how our Beaverton Family dentist uses Sedation Dentistry to help patients with anxiety.
Sedation Dentistry
Minimum Discomfort, Maximum Results

We understand many people just like you have concerns or anxieties related to dental treatment. Our dentists have enjoyed specialist training using conscious sedation that makes you feel as though you are in and out of a very comfortable sleep, and yet always conscious with no anxiety.

During your treatment, you will be given a mild sedative that is administered in pill form and will be instructed to take this shortly before your scheduled visit. Once at Smiles Northwest, our sedation dentists closely monitor you and your sedation and will provide you with any needed additional sedation before and during the treatment process.

We are now proud to offer NuCalm® as a natural form of sedation dentistry.


Your comfort is of utmost importance to us!
That is why our Beaverton family dentistry services include sedation dentistry

Hear what some of our patients have to say about their experience with sedation dentistry.


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