Why Comprehensive Dentistry Makes Sense [FREE INFOGRAPHIC]


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Comprehensive dentistry is more than just a fancy term. If you have been avoiding the dentist for years, or have been fixing the same dental issues since you were a kid, you will benefit from a holistic approach, also known as comprehensive dentistry.


Comprehensive Dentistry = Better Dentistry

As you know, most dental procedures include fixing or restoring teeth or a section in the mouth. Any dentist can do that.

The problem starts where you have multiple “small” restorations here-and-there over the years that soon put out of balance your bite and cause other teeth to decay. As if that weren’t enough, lack of good hygiene and maintenance now makes going to the dentist a daunting task, to say the least.

But do things have to be that way? Wouldn’t it be better if there were an all-in-one holistic solution to your dental problems?

There is! Our comprehensive dentists in Beaverton focus on the whole-person before doing any dental work. We collaborate with you to identify why the problem surfaced in the first place, what needs to be done to fix it properly, and how to make sure you don’t have to deal with this problem ever again (if possible).

Using advanced screening technology and thorough dental techniques, we make sure every part of your smile works the way it should and looks youthful and attractive for a long time. How do we do it?  By combining these 3 aspects of dentistry to provide a total solution:


  • Esthetics: Enhance your smile’s appearance
  • Function: Repair and adjust needed sections of the mouth to optimize function
  • Biology: Address and treat a deteriorating oral health condition



Comprehensive Dentistry Takes Less Time

With such a thorough, comprehensive approach to dentistry, you can ultimately:

  • reduce the amount of time you spend in dental chairs throughout your life
  • spend less money on commute
  • file fewer insurance claims
  • focus on your family and career without pain or interruptions
  • prevent dental problems from arising later

It makes sense to focus on preventing smiles from needed fixing in the first place. While regular cleanings and checkups will always be necessary, you can greatly reduce your risk of serious dental concerns by doing things right the first time.

Doing things right the first time makes it easier for you (the patient) to enjoy your smile, and making life easier for you is essentially the whole purpose of dentistry.



Free Infographic: Why Comprehensive Dentistry Makes Sense


Download Smiles Northwest's Infographic: Why Comprehensive Dentistry Makes Sense

Our free Infographic will help you learn how our Beaverton comprehensive dentists combine the functional, aesthetic, and biological aspects of advanced dentistry to prevent dental problems and fix dental problems permanently when they do happen.

Download your free copy of the Infographic: Why Comprehensive Dentistry Makes Sense to see how comprehensive dentistry:

  • Takes less time out of your life
  • Costs way less than traditional “drill & fill” dentistry
  • Prevents dental problems from arising again or ever happening at all
  • And guarantees a spectacular smile for a lifetime

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Finding the Right Comprehensive Dentist in Beaverton for Your Family

No doubt, you have questions about how comprehensive dentistry appears to be a one-time fix for all your dental problems. While choosing a dentist who will balance perfectly all aspects of your smile and lifestyle will guarantee successful dental procedures —done right the first time—and a healthy, spectacular smile for years to come, we highly stress the vital importance of hygiene and regular “smile maintenance” visits.

If you are the type of person who wants to do right by their family’s smile, comprehensive dentistry is the smartest choice you could make.

Call our office today at 503-644-7763 to schedule your comprehensive smile consultation and we will help you safeguard your most precious asset—your smile.

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