Dental Implants Are Worth It! Portland’s Dental Case of the Month- May

Portland resident Brian Suher talks about his experience with Dental Implants:

“When recently faced with a decision regarding the options available following the extraction of an infected tooth, I felt fortunate that my long time dental office- Smiles Northwest- was able to offer me sound advice as to the possible restoration options.  I evaluated all the advice as well as considered my desire to have a once and for all solution, and elected to have Dr. Jeremy proceed with an implant procedure.

Dr. Jeremy Montrose brought to me the highest level of technique and technology and I am pleased with both the process and the results.  What  a pleasure it was to have a permanent solution brought to me in such a professional venue, by dentists who strive to provide services that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but delivered in a pain-free way.

My recovery from the implant was rapid and the placement of the crown was quick and polished.

As a chocie between a bridge, doing nothing or an implant, I am glad I did elect to have have implant, and would do so again.”

-Brian Suher


If you have questions about dental implants or are interested in a complimentary consultation with Dr. Alan Montrose, Dr. Jodi Dotson or Dr. Jeremy Montrose, please give us a call!  503-644-7763

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