Invisalign by Your Portland Area Dentist

Everyone wants a smile they can be proud of! Invisalign by Portland area dentist, Dr. Montrose, has changed the way many of his patients feel about their smiles. This alternative to traditional orthodontics uses a series of removable custom-fit trays that can perfect and straighten your teeth, often within 6 months to one year. These days, patients are choosing Invisalign over traditional orthodontics for many reasons, including:

Invisalign aligning trays are virtually invisible, making for a discrete process.

The trays are removable, so patients can eat what they desire and brush and floss as normal.

No brackets or wires, making it a comfortable way to straighten teeth.

Results are often complete in a much shorter time than other orthodontic processes.

More time between visits to the dentist’s chair for adjustments means they won’t disrupt your lifestyle.

Invisalign has been an extremely effective choice in enhancing the smiles of thousands. If you are looking for an easy, unnoticeable way to straighter teeth, Invisalign may be the clear choice. To find out more, you’ll want to seek the advice of a dentist who is specially trained in straightening teeth with Invisalign. Portland area dentist, Dr. Montrose, is proud to be one of those dentists! To schedule your consultation, call Smiles Northwest today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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