Veneers, Dental Crowns, Smile Makeover: Portland Dental Case of the Month – September

“These veneers and smile makeover changed my life,” Dan M. a resident of Portland, Oregon and the recipient of Portland’s Dental Case of the Month for September stated.

Waking up at age 50 can suddenly change your perspective on things.  “Did I accomplish half of what I’ve wanted to accomplish in my life?” is a common question.  For Dan, it was the realization that he rarely smiled.  It was not that he was an unhappy person in any way, but more that he felt embarrassed of his teeth and the look of his smile.  After undergoing years of trials and tribulations, as many of us also face in life, Dan decided it was time for a change; an investment in the rest of his life!

Closeup of a patient's smile before and after dental treatment

“I googled to find a good dentist in the Portland area and Dr. Dotson came up along with many other names.  In comparing, it was more than obvious that Dr. Montrose’s credentials were through the roof, and I knew I had to come to Smiles Northwest,” said Dan.


Dan, an actual patient of Beaverton dentist Dr. Montrose.The differences Dan noticed in himself, and of course his smile, were instantaneous.  “I love my new smile, and it makes me feel great about myself,” Dan states.  “I even get compliments from perfect strangers who say, wow!  What an amazing smile you have!  I have never  gotten that before.  On a scale of 1-10, I give Smiles Northwest a 20!”

A combination of porcelain veneers and crowns were performed  on Dan, and the best accomplishment, besides his wonderful  results, according to Dr. [Alan] Montrose is that he now has  the confidence to exude the positive personality that he has  always possessed.  “Dan has become a member of our dental  family, and it has been wonderful to see how our dentistry  has benefited his life.”

Click here to see Dan’s video testimonial!

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